cinque terre wedding* Courtney & Michael

 Eloping in Italy to exchange your vows surrounded by beauty.

Courtney is a wedding planner and met Michael, who is a chef. Because of the Italian origin of Courtney and Michael’s love for food, they decided for a Cinque Terre Wedding.

We love thinking, and we always find a feedback, that our clients are somehow connected with arts and have a deep sensibility in organizing their wedding in Italy and making beautiful things. Well, we was immediately on the same page with this bride and groom to be.

They chose Italy and booked an Air B&B in Riomaggiore, in Cinque Terre, to relax waiting for the wedding day. Wedding photographer, wedding dresses, wedding shoes and wedding rings were ok but they still had no planner their unforgettable special day! That’s why we loved them so much while they followed us through the small villages of the Cinque Terre area to find the most romantic spot where to get married. So much fun! A real DIY elopement on a cliff by the Mediterranean sea with one of the most beautiful Italian landscape behind and no one around. Perfect! Unforgettable memories. Congrats Courtney and Michael, and a big big thank you!