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These pictures are ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!! Our friends and family have already been brought people to tears from the emotions and moments they capture. I’m not kidding! They are so moving/touching! You both are truly talented and we were so lucky to have you for both the island day and our wedding day! Thank you so much for all your hard work. We love everything, especially the candid moments you caught and froze in time for us! We can’t stop going through the pictures!! [Mariko & Eric]


I got your email early this morning. We just now finished looking through them together and are in love. Thank you for taking us back to Florence and that magical day. These photos are beautiful! We both agree that you captured “us” very well. When I look at these images, I can almost hear us laughing… so many big smiles! We love them. Thank you so much for this. We are so grateful to you for sharing your time and talent. We feel so incredibly lucky to have met you…. I could not have planned for a more perfect day if I tried. You both played a huge role in our wedding day success and we will never ever forget you. Looking at these again, I just have to say that I truly love each and every image that you captured for us. I mean it! The collection tells the story so beautifully and we just could not be happier to have these moments with us forever…. they are only made better knowing that we made two new friends (for life!) in both of you. [Lindsay & Eric] 

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Veronica and Alessandro, we absolutely adore the photos you took of our wedding day! You two are so talented and truly captured all of the candid moments we were hoping to see. We are still so in awe about the whole experience and these photographs are the best part! Thank you so much again for your time and dedication to making our wedding day a work of art. They are all so wonderful I can’t even think about narrowing down to my favorites. [Leah & Austin]

Dear Veronica and Alessandro, Thank you so, so much for sending these through – we all love them! You are both such talented and artistic people with beautiful eyes for detail. We are going to blow several of them up to put on our wall. Fabulous photos with such interesting light. [Stella & James]

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We looked at the pictures together this morning and we are speechless at how beautiful they are! Thank you so much for capturing our love and our day. I could go on forever about how wonderful the photos are…please know how much we appreciate your part in our special day. Every single picture is just beautiful. Bellissimo. [Alyssa & Peter]

Veronica and Alessandro, we spent all day at work fighting not to open the file before we got home and could view it together on the big screen. We just did exactly that, together. We absolutely adore your work and it means a lot to us that you came, and were somehow able to capture it with so much emotion.  We spent the evening crying and laughing. So beautiful! We felt like you captured our lives, all the good and bad, joyous and complex. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. [Nuisha & Sahand]

Italy best wedding photographer
Alessandro and Veronica! The photos are so wonderful thank you so much. You are so talented and we are so grateful for your hard work. Can’t wait until the next shoot! Best wishes Ryan and Chelsea [Chelsea & Ryan]

 We want to send you a million thanks for the glorious and loving photography. Incredibly thankful to have been able to lend your eyes during this day, it’s obvious from the way you captured it that you understood our, and everyone else’s feelings. Furthermore, the scenery was enhanced a few notches, which I thought was impossible. But somehow, you did it. Would recommend you anytime. Love [Hannah & Tomas]
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