Venice wedding photographer * Jennifer & Jason

An engagement session in Venice. 

This may look like a wedding in Venice but it is not. This is in fact a pre-wedding shooting we took in Venice last summer, with a cheerful couple.

There is an eastern tradition, we found out during the years, that says that you may do a pre-wedding trip, also months before the wedding, with your beloved, around the world. Luckily, many couples come to Italy and they also look for a pre-wedding shooting to have beautiful photos to show at their oncoming wedding.

These couple are also used to wear a wedding dress for the photo session and they don’t mind if it is not their wedding day! Most Italians and tourists ignore this tradition so it happens that they congratulate the “newley couple” all day long while probably dreaming, sometimes it comes out, an Italian wedding.

Jennifer and Jason Venice trusted us all day long, in every corner of Venice we brought them to even if sometimes the first appearance of a beautiful photographic spot looks really ugly.

Thank you guys for your patience and kindness!