Wedding Videographer Mykonos, Wedding video in Mykonos

Wedding videographer Mykonos, wedding video in Mykonos, wedding photographer Mykonos.

We have been imaging Greece for years. Then we went to Greece, three times, and the more we get there the more that deep magical blue sea conquests our hart. It is not a simple blue, we can’t describe what is the real difference from another blue sea. You just have to be there to experience it.

Fiona and James are from Australia but their parents were born in Greece so the legendary blue may have inspired our lovely couple to celebrate their destination wedding in Greece. in Mykonos. And to look for a wedding videographer who captured the atmosphere, the religious ceremony in a small Orthodox chapel inside the Hotel San Giorgio property, the beach wedding reception and the wedding party at the glamorous Scorpios in Mykonos.

We believe that in a wedding film the details can make the difference. Not the decorations, nor the always beautiful setting but the background, the ambience, the surroundings. While Fiona and James were celebrating their Orthodox ceremony in Mykonos, while they were enjoying congratulations and confetti, we imaged that calm blue sea dozing quietly down there. And that is a detail we didn’t want to miss because it happened there as the wedding was happening. This is what we mean and this is what you will see looking at our wedding film.

The strong wind: we have been told that August is always a windy month in Mykonos. It is a natural gorgeous refreshment and it also became one of the protagonist of the wedding! A powerful presence, a cheerful sound and a precious ally for a photographer and a videographer because it creates funny and choreographic scenes!

Congratulations Fiona and James!


Wedding Videographer Mykonos, Wedding video in Mykonos

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