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Who we are

We are Alessandro and Veronica, husband and wife, a mum and a dad. Photographers and videographers. We live in Italy, near Milan with Francesco, our son. We spend most of our free family time hanging around. Our parents always make fun of us because they say we don't know how to stay at home. A little true, but from a village to the woods, from a friend’s home to the Roman ruins, it seems to us that time flies and that our son grows too fast not to enjoy every moment! Our work has accustomed us to travel, to get to know people from all over the world. However, when we are at home we are great pasta eaters and Alessandro is a very good cook. We have been wedding photographers for more than ten years now. We have formed ourselves, year after year, with the determination that only passion can give you. We share the same enthusiasm for photography in general, we continue to study photography, to invest in personal research, to let ourselves be inspired by great photographers, both contemporary and past. Photographic culture is essential for our training. Along with curiosity. Wedding photography is an application of being photographers above all.


Our official business portrait that in fact reflects us. In the making, not entirely formed.


Portrait of our tiredness after a day's work. Tired and happy in Mykonos, in this case (thanks Luca Tibberio for the treacherous photo).


The three of us in the old mountain hut of Veronica's grandfather. Looking outside the window of her bedroom as a child on vacation in the mountains. Nostalgia!


Mafalda, our beloved 13 years old cat, big eater and always a bit borderline.


As we said, we are great pasta eaters… especially when we make it to keep Francesco busy!


Alessandro and Francesco at Heidi’s mountain hut in Switzerland…from cartoons to reality!


One of the big passion of Veronica is to light fires. And one of Francesco’s hobby it to try to take mum and dad’s portraits with old cameras.


We truly believe in weddings. In fact we renewed our vows after ten years of marriage. With our mums as witnesses.


A bit of us on a spring Sunday.