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Proposal at Balbianello Lake Como

When you plan to propose in Lake Como and you start to look to the possible locations to consider, then you will certainly find, if you don’t know it yet, the stunning Villa del Balbianello. Look at some photos of these proposal at Balbianello Lake Como and experience the magic of that place!

We make documentary-style photographs and videos, which capture real emotions in unforgettable moments. No fiction but only the beauty of the place and of your being together. We are Lake Como proposal photographers and videographers.
Not only that, with our decades of experience on Lake Como and the knowledge of the Villa we will be able to suggest the best corners for an unforgettable proposal.

Why should you choose Lake Como for your marriage proposal?

First of all because it offers multiple locations for all possibilities: small enchanted villages with their beaches and amazing historic Italian Villas, the perfect setting for a proposal or a wedding in Italy, with their adjoining botanical gardens Then castles and, last but not least, elegant Venetian taxi-style Lake Como boats for an original proposal on the water and unexpected.

Secondly, Lake Como is one of the most romantic places in Italy. It is a micro world with its slow times, which smell of Dolce Vita and holidays. Whatever the landscape that is offered in front of you, everything becomes unique, exciting. Imagine then in a location like Villa del Balbianello, which exudes history and beauty … in a place like this you are spoiled for choice as to which is the best place to make your proposal at Balbianello Lake Como.

Finally, despite being a touristy and very glamorous place it has kept the authenticity which makes it profoundly true. There is no fiction, those wonderful places are there and are lived daily by the locals and by those who have the chance to pass by. Not only that, by carefully planning the best day and time, it is possible to organize an absolutely private marriage proposal in Lake Como, in places that are not crowded. Lake Como is an experience, for the landscapes, the climate, the typicality and the food. For its hidden treasures such as Villa del Balbianello, or Villa Melzi, or Villa Monastero in Varenna.

And what if after the wedding proposal in Lake Como you take an exciting boat tour to admire the shores of the lake from another perspective? How much joy for our couples in these unique moments! Lake Como offers several companies with which to book boat tours. An exciting way to experience an already unforgettable day.
We will be ready to document this too, with our photos and videos of proposal at Balbianello Lake Como. 

Let’s be in touch to plan your proposal on Lake Como: don’t miss this unique occasion!

We also make short videos of your proposal and subsequent moments. The approach is cinematic, the result compelling. This day will be forever!
Take a look at our works and contact us here to tell us what you have in mind. We will help you plan your wedding proposal on Lake Como!