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San Galgano wedding photographer IN TUSCANY

A romantic elopement in Italy

San Galgano wedding photographer creation

There is a magical place in Tuscany, near Siena and Pienza, where you can celebrate your marriage between artistic beauty and legend. This place is called Abbazia di San Galgano, St. Galgano Abbey.
Are you looking for a San Galgano wedding photographer in Tuscany? Here we are, we know it well, a place of silence and ancient charm, for a religious or symbolic ceremony that will be unforgettable.

A bit of history

The story goes that Galgano, a brave knight, at one point in his life converted. To abandon his life as a warrior he climbed the hermitage near the abbey and planted his sword in the rock to look like a cross. That sword still exists, and it can be admired while the thought immediately flies to the stories and legends of King Arthur. After that, a group of monks settled in the neighborhood following in the footsteps of the Saint and built the Abbey which for centuries prospered until it fell into ruin. And this is precisely its charm: the ethereal architecture of this great abbey ruined with the only walls, still imposing, and without the roof. A look at the sky and the light that penetrates create wonderful perspectives.

Wedding at Borgo Santo Pietro

We had the great pleasure to shoot weddings there and our last one was an elopement at Borgo Santo Pietro and San Galgano of this romantic couple. The light inside there is charming, the atmosphere very particular. For an elopement, an intimate or large wedding, it is the perfect location to leave everyone stunned. And you would have unforgettable memories.

San Galgano wedding photographer, a candid documentary style

When we happen in these places we see our married couples and their guests kidnapped by the beauty of such a location. Therefore feel even more inspired and free to be able to document their emotions, their joy, their marriage. San Galgano is truly a unique place, and our sincere, spontaneous and creative photography will always remind you of your wedding in Tuscany. So, if you are looking for a San Galgano wedding photographer in Tuscany don’t esitate, let’s be in touch!

wedding reception at borgo di stomennano near san galgano abbey

How we work

We have been professionals since 2008, we shoot both photos and video and our artistic key is, no doubt, spontaneity! Above all, we are discreet, reliable, in love with light in all its forms and expressions. We want to be as creative as possible to give you in images the story of a day of love, of the day dedicated to love…

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