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Lake Como Wedding Photographer

For years we have been fortunate to visit and live in this area as Lake Como wedding photographer. We discovered and loved it through our weddings, and then it became a second home. This is not a huge lake, nor is it the largest lake in Italy, but the landscape is truly unique. Framed in the mountains, it has steep banks, sometimes inaccessible, and small villages that over the centuries the inhabitants have wrested from the earth, in the most strategic places. Lake Como has a long history that begins well before the Roman Empire and has always been a strategic crossroads for the northern passages.

Lake como wedding proposal
lake como wedding photographer

If someone asked us what the secret of the charm of this lake really is I think we would answer: its human dimension. Why? For the landscape, which fascinates from any angle and enters you with its colors. For the slowness, because there are no highways or fast movements: the lake requires its time and that time involves a dimension of travel that leads you to slow down the pace, to enjoy what surrounds you. Because each country is unique, has its own historical and architectural treasures, has a particular history, a legend, a tradition. Because the food has an authentic taste and the recipes are many, and fantastic, made unique by the mixing of the people, needs and availability over the centuries.

lake como wedding photographer

Let’s say that in an age where everything goes fast, we understand perfectly why Lake Como fascinates our couples. The first impact is that of a distant, golden island that tastes like a vacation and a dream, good and regenerating. Perhaps also for this reason in recent years the lake has become so popular for weddings. And what marriages! The lake is full of wonderful historic villas that serve as perfect wedding venues. There is no fiction, history opens the doors of its living rooms and this is also a great opportunity to enjoy artistic heritage that would otherwise be slowly lost or forgotten.

As we said, we know this area, its locations, its particular light, the hidden places and the best restaurants very well. So if you are looking for a Lake Como wedding photographer, do not hesitate to contact us for a quote. Because we are locals! And have a look at our wedding photos and videos. We have a spontaneous, non-invasive, sincere and documentary style. We don’t build memories, we portray them and we frame them through our interpretation. You will be the protagonists, with your irrepressible joy in this wonderful adventure you are about to undertake.

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Are you planning to propose on Lake Como? Not particular ideas yet? Contact us, we will be glad to help you in finding an amazing location where to declare your eternal love!

Lake Como is an inexhaustible mine of inspiration but also of beautiful locations. You can plan a small,intimate wedding at Villa del Balbianello in Lenno or decide to elope in the charming Villa Monastero in Varenna, or to rent a private villa like Villa Regina Teodolinda for an unforgettable wedding.

You will definitively need a capable, reliable, creativeLake Como wedding photographerto document your day. Take a look at our weddings!

Let’s be in touch, contact us,we will be glad to answer to all your questions.

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