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Lake Como proposal photographer

This is a Lake Como romantic wedding proposal.

Take a look and you will find an inspiration if you are looking to propose on Lake Como and to a Lake Como proposal photographer. 

Sometimes a short vacation in Italy can turn into a real daydream. The magic of the landscape, the peace of the lake, the beauty of the places alone are worth the trip. But then it happens that your partner kneels before you, in the middle of a visit to a magnificent place, and asks you to marry him. This is the exact moment when the dream turns into reality. And there we are, Lake Como proposal photographer, ready to catch the moment with our photos and, why not, even with a video trailer that will always remind you of the words, the movements, the glory of this special moment.
This lovely couple from US just landed in Milan, went to Bellagio, did their check in and run to Villa Melzi to start the visit of one of the most beautiful Villa on Lake Como. Then he proposed and they will soon write a new chapter of their life together.
There are many ways and many interesting and stunning paces on Lake Como where to propose and we can help in finding them. A Villa, a castle, a boat tour, a small typical village. All beyond your imagination.


Lake Como romantic wedding proposal

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