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Wedding Photography Italy

Why should you get married in Italy? Because of the the sensory overload that can be experienced in Italy, which includes the beauty of Italian weddings. Italy is renowned for its stunning landscapes, rich history, and romantic atmosphere, making it a popular destination for weddings. Italy is a place of indulgence, excitement and sensory pleasure. The beauty of a wedding in Italy can be seen as part of this overall sensory experience, with the stunning scenery, delicious food, and romantic atmosphere all contributing to the overall beauty of the occasion.

Italy is a country that offers a great variety of landscapes and environments, each one unique and potentially the ideal and incredibly chic setting for your wedding in Italy. If we start from the north we have the Alps: have you ever thought about a wedding in the mountains? We have had several occasions to photograph an intimate wedding in a mountain refuge or on an open terrace that overlooks the bottom of the valley in Valle d’Aosta.

Incredible, the silence, the peace, the majesty of these places rich in tradition and with a fantastic summer climate! Here our photography goes wild, the scenography is the master and with the use of the drone in our wedding photography we can also have different perspectives, not necessarily from above but also with original and creative cuts.

Surely you have heard of the famous and noble Cinque Terre as well as the refined and luxurious Portofino, in Liguria.

Ideal scenarios for organizing your wedding in Italy by the sea. A ceremony on a boat overlooking Portofino, or an exchange of promises on a cliff overlooking the infinite. Or in one of the many small squares of these medieval villages: can you think of something more romantic? This is how your photos will be, we will delicately and intensely tell the strong emotions and amazement you will experience on this unique day. Venice is absolutely indescribable. You have to go there and experience it, not just a passing day but at least a whole week. We have been lucky enough to photograph many weddings there: religious, civil, symbolic. With and without a gondola, with a stop at the Basilica della Salute for a couple’s service, and then an aperitif at the historic and elegant Caffè Florian. Even in Venice you are spoiled for choice and the explosion of colours, architecture, charm and beauty is poetry for our eyes as wedding photographers. Venice remains a daydream.

Rome is also ideal if you are planning an elegant, classic wedding in Italy. Rome offers everything: history and magnificence at every corner, warmth and atmosphere, good food and happiness. Rome is city and sea, Roman ruins and farmhouses immersed in lush countryside. Rome is a burst of life every time we happen to work there. Finally, who wouldn’t want to plan their intimate wedding for a reunion of family and friends on the Amalfi Coast? Imagine meeting months, maybe years later, with the people who made your life amazing at your wedding. What riot of emotions will add up to the joy of your wedding? Whether it is in Amalfi, at the Grand Hotel Convento, an incredible location, or in Ravello, at Villa Cimbrone or on the communal terrace overlooking the infinite.

Whether it is in Positano, or in Sorrento, or in a small seaside village overlooks the Gulf of Naples: your wedding in southern Italy on the Amalfi Coast will be an explosion of colours, harmonies, sounds, smells and happiness. Our wedding photography, spontaneous and sincere, will document this incredible day of Life. A wedding in Italy doesn’t last just for a day but is a complete experience. Like every trip, it is true, but Italy will remain in your heart. And your eyes will look at your wedding photographs and warm your heart. We are ready: let’s be in touch!