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Wedding Photography Tuscany

You will already know Tuscany, everyone knows it. But if you’ve never been there you can’t really imagine it. A wedding in Tuscany is a precise choice. As if to reaffirm a philosophy of life, of quality of life. Getting married in Tuscany means relaxation, meaning “go with the flow” without worrying too much about the ladder of the day but fully enjoying that unique atmosphere of colors, flavors, light. A different world, an almost ancient and intact one where you can still dream. Far from the crowds, surrounded by greenery, Tuscany will conquer you. As it happened to us. “Who could describe the rapture of a Tuscan wedding? The white veil of the bride, the rich attire of the guests, the profusion of flowers, the mellow tones of the organ and choir, the pealing of bells, the rustling of silk, the clatter of heels on marble, the triumphant outburst of the wedding march.”E.M. Forster, A Room with a View IA wedding in Tuscany evokes a sense of romance and beauty that is associated with Italian culture and tradition.

Being wedding photographers in Tuscany really allows us to be ourselves. We are always in harmony with the colours, with nature, with the refined but warm, intimate and familiar atmosphere.

Whether you decide to choose majestic Florence for your wedding in Italy, with its historic palaces and gardens like the Giardino Corsini or the terrace of a hotel with Brunelleschi’s Dome as a backdrop to your symbolic ceremony, or the imposing Castle of Vincigliata on the outskirts of the city, in Fiesole, it doesn’t matter. Tuscany remains a unique location in which to set your fairytale wedding. And believe us, live it’s a whole other thing, it’s always worth it. The Tuscan light is strong and incredibly warm. It gives life, it is a feeling of joy and vitality. The Tuscan summer is always warm and inviting and for outdoor symbolic wedding ceremonies in Tuscany the best light is before sunset.

And if your wedding venue also includes hills in the distance, such as the spectacular landscape of San Giminiano or Pienza, the Val d’Orcia or the Crete Senesi, well, then the sunset is a must. Whether it’s an elopement and you enjoy it alone or an intimate wedding with friends and relatives, light always makes the difference, for you newlyweds and for us wedding photographers. So, first suggestion: the right light at the right time and that it falls uniformly on your ceremony setting. Our approach to wedding photography is always, always as natural as possible. First of all we want you to fully experience your big day without the stress of the photographer who calls you here and there and always suggests what to do and how to stay

You will be beautiful, very much in love and very smiling. What else could we need? Tip number two: indulge in congratulations and a delicious Italian aperitif after your outdoor wedding ceremony. Whether it’s in the elegant courtyard of a Tuscan villa or under the arcades of a palace in Siena, whether it’s in the courtyard of a country villa or a charming farm or resort, the aperitif is a moment of great celebration and precious conviviality. After you have enjoyed you will be ready to dedicate a few minutes to immortalize yourself in a short couple session (or even not, nothing is necessary if not your love) in the surroundings.

Together we will look for the right light, the right place, the most creative photographic composition but always letting you be yourself. Because even this moment must be documented and not interfered. The incredible history of this region of Italy will surround you all the time. From that Renaissance masterpiece that is Villa San Michele in Fiesole https:// to the historic residence of Villa Cora in Florence . Your wedding will open glimpses of a grandiose past where art has transformed this area into a treasure. Be filled with expectations for your wedding in Tuscany as they will be met and exceeded. And trust our wedding photography, our gaze, our creative interpretation. Contact us!