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Wedding Film

It’s always about the way you put together the memories that weave the plot of a love story. Timeless, without beginning and without end. What is clear is that it is a great love. Our wedding films are another way to express the feelings of that day. We do not chase frantically every moment, but we observe and let ourselves be inspired by your being together, by your natural way of experiencing the emotions. If you are ready to share deep feelings, yours will be a strong story. Made of love.

The wedding video is a fundamental and indispensable element of your big day. Why? Because those exposures of your face, those movements, those unexpected and sometimes hidden situations that you will experience at your wedding will not return and having immortalized and returned them with a story that emotion can make you happy. People’s voices are important, their expressions, stolen words. A declaration of love. Photography cannot return the words and speeches of loved ones, the sound of those laughs that we would always like with us. This too is part of a special day and it would be a shame to lose those memories.

It’s true, we live in an age where even a smartphone can make a wedding video. The point is: who shoots that video? Is their experience, their ability to be in the right place at the right time, their experience in managing the light in the moments of your ceremony guaranteed?

A guest is still a guest and no matter how much he dedicates himself to filming the highlights of your day, he will never give you back the work of a professional. This is why it is important that your wedding video is done in a workmanlike manner. You won’t improvise on anything, why do it with the wedding video?

We were born as wedding photographers but after a few years, given the continuous request for wedding videos, we decided to open up to this dimension as well. We studied to do it and another passion was born. Filming an event is not easy at all: imagining, understanding, predicting the expectations of our couples is a great challenge but we have always relied on our being empathetic and on the spirit of creativity that animates our work. You will not find tricks or effects in the images of our videos.

Our approach is cinematographic, in the movies the scenes are not slowed down, the light gives the idea of truth. If our aim is to give you back the beauty of that day, that beauty lies entirely in the naturalness and delicacy that you will experience. We will pay attention to the different situations of the day, as well as of course the most important moments of your wedding. We will collect fragments of life and return a video trailer of about 1 or 2 minutes and a longer, edited video of about 10 or 15 minutes. It all depends on the hours of coverage of the event, on how many guests you will have, if there will be one or two videographers.

Our videos go hand in hand with our photography. We needed the approach to the two disciplines to be in harmony, for the stories returned to be complementary and not the same. Our perspectives are not always the same, even if places can repeat themselves. Our creativity drives us to always look for new angles to express ourselves, without forgetting that you are the protagonists of our work and the details that will make this day unforgettable will never be missing.

If you are wondering, yes, we also use the drone for our wedding videos. We like to break up the shots with images from above that enhance the wonder of the landscapes that surround the wonderful wedding venues in Italy. If you are looking for a wedding videographer in Italy take a look at our works that will tell you about the enchantment of the places and the people who made them come alive. Don’t miss this opportunity, contact us!

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