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Wedding Photography Lake Garda

Lake Garda is the largest Italian lake and has always been a popular destination for summer holidays and more. This lake too, like Lake Como, has a long history and is full of small villages that date back to the Middle Ages if not to Roman times, such as the marvelous Villa di Catullo in Sirmione. In short, a perfect location for a wedding in Italy. Sirmione indeed, a magical place where you can celebrate a ceremony in an ancient parish church or on one of its terraces overlooking the lake. In Sirmione, a small peninsula south of the lake, time seems to have stopped and you will certainly amaze your guests when they cross the threshold of the historic center through the drawbridge of the beautiful Scaliger castle. The atmosphere is immediately romantic in the small narrow roads, among the little shops and traditional ice cream shops. Lake Garda is always relaxation, even on your wedding day!

From Sirmione it is possible to take a boat, a limousine taxi or a larger boat, for all your guests, and head to the exclusive and unique island of Lake Garda: Isola del Garda.

A private property, a small island with a luxuriant garden and a historic villa full of works of art and ancient legends. It is said that even a ghost lives there! In any case, the Loggia of this villa (a frescoed pavilion overlooking the lake) is one of the most enchanting places we have ever visited. Spectacular, elegant, secluded, one of a kind. And you will understand that this symphony of architectures, colours, lights and shadows is gold for our eyes and for our desire to compose photographs that are unique for you.!/cal-d/2023-04-16/cw/ 555fa78756f3c9e2574b64ccfd83674b And then Salò, with its elegant lakeside promenade, and Malcesine with its panoramic and imposing castle where you can celebrate an outdoor wedding in a historic castle on Lake Garda.

In these villages, after the ceremony, you can take a walk all together to enjoy the charm they emanate and certainly for us these moments only feed the reportage that is already in our approach to wedding photography. Ceremony, walk, aperitif in front of the lake sitting at tables in a small square and then a dinner by the lake. For us, wedding photography is above all a tale of beauty. And feelings. By merging, these two elements generate situations of great charm and stimulate our creativity.

“I wish that all of nature’s magnificence, the emotion of the land, the living energy of place could be photographed.” Annie Leibovitz While this quote doesn’t specifically mention candid photography, it speaks to the idea that photography can capture something intangible and fleeting, such as the emotion and energy of a moment or place. Candid photography can be seen as irreplaceable, as it can capture the essence of a moment or person in a way that posed or staged photography cannot. To conclude, Lake Garda remains a treasure of possibilities and incredible landscapes. One of the many ideal places in our beautiful Italy where to plan your dream destination wedding in Italy. Contact us for a quote, let’s work together so that your wedding photos remain unique!