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Wedding videographer Tuscany

This is a wedding videographer Tuscany love story.

We have been dealing with wedding videos for years now: we like to give continuity and coherence to the works we create for you. Our photographs and videos are complementary, they do not overlap but meet, giving you even more new and exciting memories. As it happened for this splendid wedding near Lucca, at the charming Fattoria Mansi Bernardini. An autumn wedding, the perfect season, warm color and a magical atmosphere.

After so much waiting and postponing due to the pandemic, this gorgeous couple finally had their wedding in Tuscany. The wedding they had always dreamed of. Take a look. Don’t you want to be there with them? Or to plan a wedding in Tuscany? Don’t forget to call us for your wedding videographer Tuscany ūüôā

This wedding was planned by Francesca at Weddingitaly. Thanks guys, and our best wishes for your future of light!


Feel free to contact us, for a quote or just for your thoughts, even if you are at the early beginning of the planning of your wedding.

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